La Catrina del Valle

Wine and Vine Museum

This tourist spot is the only one of its kind in Mexico and is the ideal complement to the famous Wine Route. Within its more than 10 thousand square meters, you will find four main areas related to history, industry, culture and identity, and art and wine. Its objective is to rescue the viticultural history of the area, which produces 90% of the wine in Mexico, as well as to disseminate the activities and events that take place in the region.

General Admission: $50 MXN

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm

Phone: 646-156-8165

About Us

La Catrina del Valle

Stay in this unique place located right in the center and don't miss a thing. Just 2 minutes from Casa Frida and 3 minutes from Kings & Queen and Bakuss Oyster Bar. Mexican decoration with a minimalist touch. They have a bar (coffee maker and microwave), dining room, and a spacious living room with a plasma TV. Smoking is allowed on the terrace where there is a patio lounge.